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Nickname: Romantic

Birthday: January 4, 1995

Place of residence: Vienna


What makes you happy:

On the one hand, it makes me happy if I can support someone who needs my help, whether in Freaks training with acrobatic throwing elements or otherwise in everyday life, e.g. an impaired person cannot cope with a situation on his own.

On the other hand, I'm quite a sports freak, which suggests that successful training or competition makes me happy. In relation to the freaks, this would be e.g. learning new throwing elements and of course a successful show.

I also really enjoy being able to spend the rest of my free time with my friends, family, and girlfriend. (Sleeping and eating - two of my favorite things - naturally also count here.)



What makes you angry:

If a throwing element that we normally have in our sleep simply does not want to function, it can occasionally cause my mood to change. Furthermore, I don't like it when someone trivializes really serious situations and thus endangers the health of others. Be it with new throwing elements or pyramids, which are carried out for the first time freely and without security, or in various other everyday situations.



What was your biggest Freaks-Moment:

In December 2018 I had my first big performance, which is also my biggest freak moment so far. We were invited to Amsterdam's largest gymnastics show event in Amsterdam, which was held in the "Ziggo Dome", a huge event arena.

To be able to perform in front of several thousand gymnastics enthusiasts was a truly unique moment.

How was it for you when you were accepted into THE FREAKS?

I didn't have an entrance exam like most others, but I ended up getting it through my girlfriend. The first show where I could watch live was the dress rehearsal of the "World Gym for Life Challenge", which fascinated me and at the same time aroused my ambition to master certain tricks with my girlfriend one day. So I started training with her and after some acrobatic elements soon worked well, it didn't take long for O.C. persuaded to look in the official freaks training. I was initially in conflict because I was also a semi-professional player in soccer (goalie). A year later, however, I gave up kicking and focused on the freaks as this sport raised my ambition to a new level. In summary ... The Freaks changed my whole life.



What do you do when you are not  with THE FREAKS:

Everything that makes me happy (as already mentioned above), but of course also my other hobbies, such as playing volleyball, going to the fitness center, doing my studies, or just doing nothing, and on the balcony or terrace about God and them To talk and philosophize the world.

Your favorite quote:

"Everything you can imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso

How about a person who is the opposite of you:

Certainly a couch potato. Someone with no goals in mind. But also someone who is very selfish and shows no consideration for others around him, or a person who does not care about their appearance.


What do you want to achieve with THE FREAKS in the next few years?

I would like our team to define new goals that may seem unattainable at first, but which can ultimately be achieved through hard work. Another goal for me would be to get a home where there are no more spatial restrictions (higher ceiling). Of course, I hope that we will continue to be booked for large and spectacular performances around the world.


What do you do when you are not on the road with TheFreaks:

When my ideas, my goals and visions, even if they seem so crazy and far-fetched at the beginning, with a lot of hard work, hard and consistent work, become reality step by step.


Name 3 words you can think of THE FREAKS:

successful, breathtaking, familiar

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