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Nickname: Rob

Birthday: February 24, 1989

Place of residence: St.Valentin

What makes you happy:

It is always a good moment of happiness for me when we can implement new elements in our show that we have been working with for a long time and in which we have put a lot of time and effort.


What makes you angry:

It makes me angry when, due to pride, stubbornness or procedural and / or conservative thinking, improvements or changes cannot be implemented. This probably applies to all areas of life in which many people work together.


What was your biggest Freaks-moment:

I think that was probably the show at the Ziggodome in Amsterdam. But it is the many small moments of success in training that really spur me on.

How was it for you when you were accepted into THE FREAKS?

At first, everything was new, of course, you first have to get used to your role. However, I felt comfortable and well-received from the start. Since I am a very ambitious person, I tried from the start to get the best out of myself and every training session - that has not changed 


What is your favorite thing to do when you're not with THE FREAKS:

In my free time, I mostly do sports: skiing in winter, motocross in summer and weight training all year round.


Your favorite quote:

Heavy and wrong. - Markus Rühl 

Wie wäre ein Mensch, der das Gegenteil von dir ist: 

Antriebslos, ziellos, egoistisch. Dieser Mensch hätte nicht den inneren Antrieb, sich ständig zu verbessern und vor allem für andere da zu sein.



Was möchtest du in den nächsten Jahren mit THE FREAKS noch erreichen?

Das volle Potential dieser unfassbar guten Gruppe auszuschöpen!

Und – optional – andere Akrobaten an unserer Entwicklung teilhaben zu lassen bzw. bei Auftritten, Reisen etc. mit internationalen Athleten zu messen und vor allem: Spaß zu haben! 


Nenne 3 Worte die dir bei „10 Jahre THE FREAKS“ einfallen:

Team – Adrenalin – Vertrauen