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Nickname: Pauxi, Susi (at "The Freaks")

Birthday: December 6, 2004

Place of residence: Kirchberg-Thening


What makes you happy:

It makes me happy to see others happy and to exchange ideas with people. I love moments when I forget everything around me because I stand on stage and can perform. I have had many happy moments with “The Freaks” because I feel understood and cared for in this community.



What makes you angry:

It infuriates me that there is so much injustice and that people do not intervene when someone needs help. I don't like dishonesty and I think it's a shame that trust is often misused.

What was your biggest show:

It was the first trip to Amsterdam together with THE FREAKS in 2018 and the appearance at the Ziggo Dome in front of so many people. On the stage, you could feel the team spirit and togetherness. Even though it was the first trip for us, we felt welcomed.

How was it for you when you were recorded on "THE FREAKS":

There was a training session in our ballet class where Ossi and Sarah watched. We all knew that they would select a few of us who would then be allowed to perform as dancers in a performance in Amsterdam. When I found out that I was there, at first I couldn't believe it.


What do you like to do best when you are not with THE FREAKS:

I listen to music whenever I can. I like to dance in my free time, but also in training (at the Tanzakademie OÖ and at the Bruckneruni Linz). And if there is time, I play with my dog ​​Rufus.

Favorite quote:

"You were born to stand out, stop trying to fit in" - Roy T. Bennett

​How about a person who is the opposite of you:

A person who thinks negatively and cannot enjoy life, one who is introverted and closed and has no sense of humor. A person who only thinks of himself and forgets to stand up for others and to help when they need him. Someone who doesn't appreciate animals.


What do you want to achieve with THE FREAKS in the next few years:

I would like to be able to be part of many performances and study new choreographies.


3 words that come to mind at "10 years of THE FREAKS":

power - determination - fun