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Nickname: Ossi  

Birthday: Juni 23, 1985                   

Place of Residence: St. Valentin

What makes you happy: 

When my ideas, my goals, and visions, even if they seem so crazy and far-fetched at the beginning, with hard and consistent work, become reality step by step. And when my boys and girls go home with a smile after a successful show and an unforgettable trip and they realize what a great adventure we are always experiencing here. 

What makes you angry: 

That we cannot really improve on our high throws and pyramids because the gym ceiling is too low. ... that our training opportunities are so limited and therefore we are always under stress to finish everything in one practice. ... when there is less space on the stage than was agreed. ... when the newspaper writes that we are a dance group.

What was your biggest Freaks-moment: 

The 2014 trip to the USA. I love to make people happy, surprise them and to enable them to do extraordinary things. During this trip, my boys and girls knew only part of the program and they didn't know that I had planned additional surprises every day (including a limo ride through Las Vegas in a Hummer limousine). 

How was it for you when you were accepted into THE FREAKS: 

As the founder of the group, the try-out was not particularly difficult for me ;)  

It was my goal to give young talents to experience something extraordinary, be on stage, and show their passion. I think nobody would have thought that over the years we will become so successful

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not with THE FREAKS: 

When I'm not WITH the freaks, then I work FOR the Freaks most of the time. Prepare training, write choreographies, answer inquiries, organize trips, edit videos, develop marketing strategies, and much more. A time-consuming, but nevertheless very exciting and varied hobby. If I have a few hours in between, I like going to the gym, the cinema or reading a book.

Your favorite quote: 

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else." 

- P.T. Barnum.

How about a person who is the opposite of you: 

Someone who loves to be lazy, do nothing, and live the day without goals. Someone who does not appreciate his life and is waiting for all challenges and hurdles to be solved on their own without working hard and consistently on them every day. 

What do you want to achieve with THE FREAKS in the next few years: 

One of my goals is a show at Disneyland and Dubai. But of course, I also want to make it possible for the majority of my boys and girls to perform in America. My long-term goal would be to have my own gym and set up a Freaks-academy where we can train without any restrictions.

Name 3 words that come to your mind at THE FREAKS:

Enthusiasm - adventure - success story

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