We offer exciting workshops for schools, universities, and clubs! Whether for children, teenagers, adults, beginner, advanced or all mixed up... our program is 100% for everyone.


Starting with a simple warm-up and power exercises, the first basic acrobatic stunts, up to pyramids, tumbling, and throws, we offer all participants an exciting and above all fun program.

In addition to the sporting aspect, in our workshop, we also convey teamwork, trust, communication, and the ability to step beyond your limits step by step.

You will learn to take responsibility for each other, to work together instead of working against each other, and to experience shared success as a group.

Did you always want to learn a Handstand in 5 simple steps? Or a Back-Flip? Do you want to learn skills, which can be easily used for your shows? Do you want to be on top of a pyramid? Or do you want to be thrown through the air and do a double somersault? 

The Sky is the limit and we are more than happy to assist you and your group with your goals! 



Founder and headcoach O.C. Ono was neither a gymnast, a dancer nor an acrobat. Everything that he achieved with THE FREAKS, he built from scratch. Through his vision to inspire people and always offer them something extraordinary, he has motivated numerous children and adolescents for many years!


What is his secret of success that has made THE FREAKS, from a group of children and young people from a small town to one of the most successful acrobatic show teams in the world?


In addition to his full-time job as an event manager, how does he manage to lead his team of over 20 people, plan trainings, organize trips and professionally expand the media presence?


How does it work backstage behind the cameras of TV casting shows or other big events?

Are you looking for an exciting and inspiring lecture for your group / class? Do you want to teach people about teamwork, determination and trust? Now ask your personal lecture from O.C. Ono to: