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Nickname: Jonas

Birthday: August 8, 1998

Place of residence: Desselbrunn



What makes you happy:

When a goal that I set myself was achieved.

If I can look back on the sometimes rocky, bumpy roads.

If I realize what we did all together, and it’s possible to be part of something this big and indescribably spectacular.

What was your biggest Freaks-Moment:

My biggest freak moment was the first show I could take part in, A Touch of Gold Amsterdam. When I was able to experience a raging and applauding audience for the first time. It was just amazing. The best thing about it was that this was only the first half of our show, but our audience could not guess, that it has not finished yet. It made me even happier to lie there on the floor of the stage, enjoying the atmosphere and then start the second part of the show and inspire the audience again.

How was it for you when you were accepted into THE FREAKS:

My first training was sighting training, Michael Hüttler and I had long speculated whether we should try it to come to this team. Finally, Daniel Gassner persuaded us to simply go for a test session. It was definitely not a mistake. For that I really have to thank Daniel until today, I don't know if I would have taken this chance without him. Michael and I were immediately accepted into the team, at the beginnings we were extremely surprised at how much trust we were given from the first minute.



What do you do when you are not with THE FREAKS:

Otherwise, I like to meet friends as much as possible, go to the lake, or just go on a motorcycle tour. I often welcome it when I can do my laps on my bike by myself, this takes me out of daily life and lets me really switch off in my head.



Your favorite quote:

Don't give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you.

How about a person who is the opposite of you:

Someone who only sees the negative in life and in people. Someone who is influenced by the prejudices and opinions of others. Someone who only swims with the current and never decides against it. Someone who always takes the path of least resistance.



What do you want to achieve with THE FREAKS in the next few years:

For me, there are no fixed goals that I want to achieve with the team, at least none that aim at shows. I just want the cohesion to remain as strong as it is now. I'm sure as strong as we are, we can still achieve a lot, and who knows what surprises are still to come. In any case, I'm looking forward to every one of them.



Name 3 words you can think of THE FREAKS:

Team spirit - discipline - fun

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