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Nickname: Jessi  

Birthday: September 6, 1997                   

Place of Residence: St. Valentin

What makes you happy: 

The moments that make me the happiest are those after a successful performance when everyone falls into each other's arms. In moments when you can tell what the hard work was worth for.

What makes you angry: 

What really makes me angry is when an element or choreography just doesn't want to work and you have to start over and over again.

What was your biggest Freak-Moment for you: 

My biggest freak moment for me was the stay in Hong Kong.

I have never traveled so far before. The culture, the people, and the city took me so far. Also that we had our own tour guide who looked after us all the time. You could also take unique photos and videos there.

How was it when you were accepted into THE FREAKS:

Since I was the first to start with the freaks with Nadine, there was no admission process for us at the time. O.C. visited us on a training weekend (gymnastics) in the gymnasium and we tried a few tricks and elements. Back then it was something completely different for me than doing gymnastics. Every element was a little new test of courage.

What do you like to do when you are not with THE FREAKS: 

My favorite thing is to go for a walk with my dogs in the forest and to deal with them in the garden.

I also like to play volleyball and love movie nights.

Your favorite quote:

"Your success depends on your efforts"

How about a person who is the opposite of you:

It would be content with everything and accept everything as it is.

In addition, the opposite of me would love strength training and stretching.

What do you want to achieve with THE FREAKS in the next few years:

I want us to continue to be so successful and create many new memories together every year. Regardless of whether it is traveling in other countries or training successes that allow us to grow a little bit more.

Name 3 words you can think of at THE FREAKS: