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Nickname: Anni

Birthday: February 20, 2012

Place of residence: Steyr



What makes you happy:

When I can be with the other Freaks. When I can do new skills and when I accomplish everything as it should be. I am also very happy that I can be without any fear of the exercises because the others always take good care of me.



What makes you angry:

There isn't anything that makes me really angry. I'm only sad when we can't train and I don't see the other Freaks.



What was your best Freaks-moment:

When I flew to Hong Kong with the Freaks and spent time with them for a whole week.

How was it for you when you were accepted into THE FREAKS:

I was so excited that I even trembled. But after O.C. spoke to me, I got to know the other Freaks and everyone was so nice to me, it was just cool.



What is your favorite thing to do when you're not with THE FREAKS:

I am in the performance team of trampoline jumpers and in the performance group of gymnasts in Steyr. I train about three hours a day, seven days a week. I play often, but badly, on my flute and I like to read books.



Your favorite quote:

"We have never tried that. So I'm sure it's going well ”- Pippi Longstocking

How about a person who is the opposite of you:

This person would be common to other people and would never worry about how others are doing. He would be scared, always serious, and would always do anything you tell him.



What do you want to achieve with THE FREAKS in the next few years:

Perform at the Olympics and Disneyland! Do the double somersault and try many elements that we haven't tried yet.



Name 3 words you can think of about THE FREAKS:

strong - brave - freaktastic

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